A Type of role player that God-modes beyond belief, and calls it "Being Literate". Anyone using the name Spanner is a god-moder, Illiterate, does not know the difference between a coma and a period, Copies everyone else's bloodline abilities, "Tears" open portals and pops out behind you (Of course to rape you), uses magical powers from space to destroy your base, will leave the leader of the good guy organization to die and won't care, and most of all, because he is a mother ef-ing piece of crap from Australia.

Can also be used to name someone that always has to be right, never wrong.
Dalco - ((Logs onto gaia)) "Oh god, I hope that Spanner didn't post... Oh god he did... ((Reading)) EF! SPANNER! MOTHER EF-ING SPANNER! I JUST THREW A PLANT AT YOU! HOW THE EF DIG YOU ABSORB IT AND BECOME THE UNIVERSE! EEEEEEEFFFFFFF SPANNNNERRRRR!!!!!"

Spanner - "I am SO smart. I am SO Literate. I am THE best role player EVER. I eat squash."
by Daylina Ketloybeau May 03, 2008
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A person person who is a complete fucking muppet, or a retard.
You mate, are a complete fu'kin spanner. Youre one apple short of an orchard.
by Dave September 25, 2003
Someone who's a tool
You're such a bloody spanner
by el January 07, 2005
1. noun: someone who really fucks things up - derived from the term "spanner in the works".
Dude, if you weren't such a spanner, things'd still be alright now.
by Ryan Paine December 27, 2007
Euphemistic swear word, used to avoid giving offence, especially when need arises to curse in front of children.

Derived from the idiom that when something goes wrong it is known as 'throwing a spanner in the works".
by Lord Lucan September 04, 2010
A particularly lengthy turd which stretches from one end of the bowl to the other.
I dropped a spanner in Julie's toilet at her party, but when I flushed it bent in half and plugged the bowl how embarassing!
by FIATC January 30, 2009
The geeky kid at school who stank of chip fat and grime, came from a poor family and had the social skills of a dead skunk, yet was completely convinced that everyone was his mate. Popularized by Ringo Starr in the film That'll Be The Day (1973).
That Lee Martin's a right spanner.
by Doll Revolution July 11, 2003
A large shit whose length spans at least the circumference of the inside of the toilet bowl. Extreme relief usually accompanies release of a spanner, as does the occasional bloody anus, sudden weight loss and clogged toilet.

Mass consumption of sunflower seed shells can turn an ordinary spanner into a mace spanner. Resembling the spiky medieval weapon, mace spanners should be avoided at all costs.
"I just ate 4 bowls of granola. There's gonna be a spanner in the toilet tomorrow, I tell you."

Tom:"Dude, I just shat out a wingless 747."
Ron:"No, Tom, you shat a spanner. Good for you. Now unclog the toilet."

Ron:"I told you should have spit out all those sunflower seed shells, Tom."
Tom:"Fuck you, Ron. My intestines are being shredded as we speak. It's only a matter of time before this mace spanner turns my butthole into a bloody, fleshy origami fortune teller"
by Larsone April 18, 2010

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