When a dirty secret is revealed about somebody, preferably to large groups of people, while the person is present. Sourced from the dicovery of spankwire.com in someone's internet history.
"Gees how much porn is there in his internet history?! Come look!"
"Hey, guys get off my computer!"
"Haha, you've been spankwired"
by The L Team April 09, 2008
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Spankwire is a porn website that hosts porn for free. it is similiar to YouTube but deals with porn.
Boy 1: "Spankwire is probably the best porn site!"
Boy 2: "You're right!" (Grinning)
by JamesRH December 25, 2007
Guys that do not enjoy watching redt*be, or youp*rn resort to Spankwire for relieving personal use.

And is not necessarily involving spanking
After you leave, I'm going to have a Spankwire Sesh.
by Sluggerette November 05, 2008

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