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Something so sexy that its like being sexually spanked.
Fred: Yo man, I hooked up wit' Emily and Amanda last night, then I got me some poon tang from this other girl Reshanda.

Daniel: DAMN Fred, that Spankadelic
by Brosif Joesif February 27, 2010
the quality of the object of a spank fantasy that is so hot, and so titillating, that the spank session attains the level of altered consciousness.
She is so spankadelic that I felt like I had two dicks that I was simultaneously beating off. When I came, my head felt like it imploded in ecstatic bliss.
by quipu72 February 05, 2009
someone who is so attractive makes you feel the urge to wack-off.
That girl is so spankadelic.

Rich's mom is spankadelic.
by bobnino March 11, 2004
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