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(v.) The process or completion of a guy fingering a girl in Spanish class. Accomplished by sitting extremely close and being as quiet as possible to avoid detection. Can apply to any classroom setting besides Spanish.
Dude, did you hear that your sister got Spanished by that that sophomore in math class???
by Spanish Class Hero October 27, 2011
(v) To disappear, then reappear (either elsewhere or in the same location) as a person of Spanish descent.
Person 1: So, yeah, we should have no problem meeting our Third Quarter Profit Margin- *POOF!*-GOOOOAAAALLLLLL!!!
Person 2: Holy shit! That guy just spanished into thin air!
by BSullivan March 14, 2008
To appropriate someones food or other items.
Damn it, who spanished my biscuits!?
by HairyMilk April 30, 2007
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