People from spain. People call latino's spanish because they speak spanish even though they may not be spanish.
Hey look at that Spanish person. I'm not Spanish bitch! I'm Peurto Rican.
by john smith July 29, 2004
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1. a person from Spain or a person whose ethnic composition is primarily derived of ancestors from Spain. (For this reason people from Latin America cannot necessarily be considered Spainsh see Note)

2. a latin-based language used mostly in Spain and many countries in Latin America. Spanish is also very widely spoken in parts of the Pacific (i.e. the Philippines) , and Africa (i.e. Morocco). Countries in Latin America like Mexico and Puerto Rico speak highly colloquialized variations of Spanish infused over generations with local native and colonial era slave dialects, these variations however are still considered Spanish; for example, it would be inapproprite to suggest that someone 'speaks Mexican.'

3. of or related to Spain.

*Note: This does not apply to people from Latin America, Despite popular/ignorant belief: Latin Americans are not 'Spanish' in this sense, even though many speak Spanish.

Latin America consists of many ethnicities, including European (Spanish, Portuguese, British, French, Deutsch mostly), African, Amerindian (or 'Natives of the Americas' for the less educated), Arab and even Asian (how did the Japenese end up in Chile anyway?)

While Spanish is the language spoken in most Latin American countries, the term Latin used for Latinos stems from the fact that many other latin based languages are spoken in this region of the world i.e. Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian. For the same reason European countries who speak Latin languages can technically be considered Latin also, however Latin is more encompassing than Latino which refers directly to people from Latin America.

Calling someone Spanish who is from Latin America without further information of their ancestory is sign of disintelligence.
Boy1: Are you Spanish or Guatemalan?
Girl2: Do I look Mayan too you? I am from Madrid.

Boy1: Hey dont be speaking to me in the Mexican!
Girl2: I don't speak Mexican. I speak Spanish.
by Randomidous® January 01, 2006
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a language whose real name isn't even spanish, but castillian

a citizen of spain, but according to some ignoramus in the USA, a puerto rican.
Puerto rican american: I am spanish, all hail my spanish people

Spaniard: STFU stupid idiot, you're a puerto rican, you're as spanish as americans are english, or haitians are french.
by pelots March 05, 2005
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The act of inserting the penis between two tits and fucking them.
by danny45 March 15, 2008
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1. Language that can be easily spoken by attaching an "o" to the end of your favorite English words. Can also be formed into a sentence.

2. A person from Spain, not Mexico
1. Hey thats a nice trucko. I just spilled my drink, fucko.

2. Sergio Garcia is spanish.
by pijoibtyfghj May 06, 2010
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It's not a race because it refers to people from Spain, and they are classified as whites.
If you are from Spain, and only spain, you are Spanish, but you are not hispanic.

Do not get it twisted.
Guy 1 - Why does this forum give Spanish as a race?
Guy 2 - Because it is.
Guy 1- No, its not. Spanish is being from Spain, not a race. I'm assuming they're trying to say 'Latino' or 'Hispanic'.
by Hispanics Are Smart, Too. January 28, 2009
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A person who is from Spain or a language that is spoken in Spain and South America
"Your not Spanish your from South America you may speak Spanish but your not Spanish"
by Harry69 January 10, 2010
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