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Refers to a person who, in a group conversation, starts talking about an entirely different subject, out of nowhere.

Origin: From Spanish speaking radio station signals that interfere with your car radio. This is usually in an area where local radio signals are low and radio signals from neighboring Spanish speaking countries interfere with your local stations. These Spanish stations usually catch you off guard so you have no idea what they are talking about.
Ralph: "So how did you get the dent out of your car"

Marlon: "Well, we took it to this shop, they fixed it"

Ralph: "That was easy, did Randy drive the car there?"

Marlon: "Yeah, it came out about 50 bucks"

Randy: "Turtles can dry out when they are upside down"

Ralph: "What?"

Marlon: "Man! Randy is such a Spanish station, he always brings up these random subjects out of nowhere"
by two9seven December 14, 2010
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