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A Spande (or Spandlay) is a great person. Just like an Alexander he'll make your life better.

The first Spande originates from Denmark, and is a true gentleman.

You can define a Spande, if the person is loyal, smashingly good looking, verbatim, honest and affectionate.

The word 'Spande' is derived not from the Danish word 'spand' or 'bucket' in English, as many erroneously believe.
Random person #1: Wow, I just had the best day of my life.

Random person#2: Ohh, how come?

Random person#1: I spent all day hanging out with a Spande!

Random person#2: Noo waay!
#spande #spandlay #awesome #denmark #danish
by syvogfyrre60 May 13, 2012
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