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Someone who has really scrawny arms. Tends to be a dweeb with a nerdy profession such as a tax accountant.
I can't lift this pen to write. It's to heavy to pick up with these spaghetti arms of mine.
by I can't use my name November 21, 2008
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One who has thin weak arms. Usually exercises by lifting paper clips and #2 pencils. Profession usually involves doing taxes or other nerdy activities.
Paul tried to do taxes all night but his pencil eventually became to heavy for his spaghetti arms to hold up.
by Foxsport's #1 Blogger February 23, 2009
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really ridiculously skinny arms, often associated with someone who uses their arms in their profession, such as basketball referee.
"wow that referee has some serious spaghetti arms, it must be Katie Potts!"
by old man mcmuffin June 13, 2013
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