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from the verb "to spaff".
When something is amazing, and gives you that sexual feeling, its Spaffage.
"See that milf? She's propper spaffage"
by Merk Krellus March 08, 2005
To spaff (or rain devastation down) on an area. Originates from the PC Game 'Battlefield 1942' where artilliary can lay down massive amounts of devastation on an area.
The Artilliary was laying spaffage down on the axis spawn point.
by Jingles July 17, 2004
From the verb to spaff, the act of abruptly discharging a viscous liquid upon something or someone.
Molly said to Milly 'Sorry about the spaffage, but my yoghurt exploded on your settee and made an awful mess'.
by Martian Daws October 28, 2005

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