Spadge is a term coined in the Scottish kilt hire industry for dried semen on a returned hire kilt. It is derived from a contraction of the words "spunk badge".
"They asked me to clean the spadge off that Hunting Smith with a wire brush, so I told them where they could stick their job" - Sonia, an ex-employee of a kilt-hire company.
by Tumshie April 30, 2010
A crazy, opera singing child that has frequent outbursts of insanity that send everyone into hysterics.

Common physical features of such girl are beautiful eyes with huuuuge eyelashes and bright yellow hair so you can see her a mile away.

"woaaa can that spadge sing"

by clauds:) May 17, 2008
the combined juices of male and female after intercourse.
She stood up and dripped our spadge all over my chest.
by sam Hell June 22, 2004
the furry rimmed love tunnel with wet lusious lips!or fine woman
Racheal Leigh Cook
by Peter piper April 01, 2003
A sentimental ejaculation, often accompanied by "I love you."
1) "Wiat for me to spadge. It'll be worth it."

2) See the Pamela and Tommy Lee video.
by big biff and the chubbs January 22, 2005
A lesbian (dyke)
-Do you wanna hang out with Nicole?
-No way, she's a spadge!
by RatchetBoo March 27, 2003
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