A man of extreme power due to his degree in history and German. Some call him a god because no mortal human could possibly contain so much information.
SpaceJesus is the smartest person ever.
by wickedcity December 15, 2006
6 Words related to SpaceJesus
1. a term that is used to insult or mock the Scientology religion.
2. another name for master chief Halo used to describe how awesome he is
1. Scientology believer: man why the fuck are you atheist?
Atheist: Why do you care?
Scientology believer: cause ur gonna go to hell dumb ass.
Atheist: man, fuck you why don't you go worship space Jesus!

2. Dude space Jesus totally raped those covenant bitches!
by Dak-Stax September 05, 2009

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