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An electrical device that basically gives off heat. Mechanical fire. Invaluable in the Mid-West and North. Out of stock 24/7 at Home Depot. Highly addictive once you sit down next to it. The reason I get out of bed from November to January.
Damn it, my space heater broke again.
That old piece of shit? You should go over to Heather's. Her's is an 8 by 12.
by GRadha December 01, 2008
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1. (noun) an electrical device that is used to heat one's home. Could also be pawned, along with a bike, by a drunk Indian named Jonas so that he is able to pay his friend the 50 dollars that he owes him.
Jonas: (in drunken slur) I’ll need you to spot me like 50, we go out. I’m going to pawn a couple space heaters and a bike tomorrow… so I’ll pay you back.
by tifalicious January 28, 2009
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A nickname for Jacob Black, a fictional character in the Twilight series books by Stephenie Meyer. Often used to contrast Jacob Black from Edward Cullen (air conditioner**), who is another boy in the Twilight series.

*Jacob is a werewolf, causing his skin to be blistering hot, like a space heater.

**Edward is a vampire, causing his skin to become ice-cold, like an air conditioner.
"Are you for an air conditioner (Team Edward) or a space heater (Team Jacob)?"
by Hana Tolentino September 12, 2008
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n. An obese man or woman

Referring to how an incredibly fat and sweaty person can instantly turn any room into a sauna with their overwhelming blubbery body heat
"Man I gotta go outside, space heater over here has this room at sweltering temperature."
by Big Judge February 08, 2009
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Another name for a woman's vagina
"Back off dude! I know all you want is to git up in my space heater and I ain't having it!"
by OhH41 December 31, 2011
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