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A commercial for the university of Michigan. It has a shot of the Earth from outer space, with a shuttle slowly approaching as "Hail To The Victors" plays.
Harvard Grad: Our Alumni make up 70% of Fortune 500 CEOs.
Northwestern Grad: We have many famous entertainers and journalists.
Michigan Grad: Space bitches. Space.
by Orson Swindle Hall March 23, 2009
An internet girlfriend. A significant other met through the internet who you have not met in person.
I was talking to my Space Bitch in ventrilo the other day. I really wish we she didn't live so far away so we could have a real relationship.
by Zokudu February 09, 2011
The Rosalina Amiibo uses by Ben Singer in the Screwattack Amiibo Cockfight Tournament , She ended up losing to a Link Amiibo and being destroyed by way of clipping of the body parts
"Poor Space Bitch I raised her from when she was still in her plastic box"
by HeavenlyKingZebra June 16, 2016
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