A mythical being which functions as a scapegoat for message board sociopaths. Having chased the real spab off the internet, sociopaths and their friends continue to find 'spab' useful as an all powerful ghost-like entity on which to blame their various internet foibles in order to excuse each other's poor characters and bad behaviors and maintain their allegiences for future troll gang attacks and wars.
I never told your deep secrets to others and got you continually attacked. It must have been Spab.

That Spab made me use Chelsea Charms' boobs as my avatar and claim to be her on a message board and also plagarize other boards and post debate information as if it were my own.

Spab destroys all my friendships because she is all powerful and everywhere and the reason couldn't be me, even though I also have no friends in real life either and everyone has always hated me everywhere I go. Damn that Spab!

It wasn't us that killed Cyrus, it was them! It was the Warriors! Er.. I mean Spab!!!
by spiritual entity May 31, 2007
Top Definition
To stab somebody using a spoon. Usually for humiliation or comical purposes.
I spabbed that bitch, she never seen it coming.
by Glockin n Rockin March 20, 2007
sunny, mid-70's; a perfect summer day.
We grilled out last saturday; it was spab!
by skep April 29, 2003
The space between a mans balls and ass.
I love a chick who doesn't hesitate to lick your SPAB
by Bob Weiner September 24, 2007
Someone obsessed with the FaceBook game PathWords.
"Wow, what a spab! That's her eighth game this day!"
by ServalHawk April 14, 2009
The space between ass and balls.
Your mother likes to like my spab.
by Spillbeer December 07, 2003
follw the happy trail, take a left at the penis, and continue down the scrotum, yield at the left oaul and approach the anus... follow the flesh straight for a few... this area is know as the spab, also see grundle
STEPH... did u see the spab on that nigga?
by CJ!!!!!! May 28, 2003

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