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Mostly used as a noun; probably can be used as an adjective or verb but can't be assed at them moment to think how.

This word means the area in between ya legs, i.e., your genitalia.

Can be used interchangeably with SouthPark for those too young to remember Dallas (SouthFork was the name of the ranch).
Girl: "I picked up a real gorgeous guy in the pub last nite but despite his attempts at going to SouthFork/Park, I had to stop cuz I got my period. Ewwww. So he got a MouthFork (obvious what this means) at SouthFork"

Guy 1: "So did you get lucky in the pub last nite?" (Translation, did he hook up with anyone and did they go to Southfork i.e, have sex.)
Guy 2 "Well I thought I had but we got back to her place, started dicking around, then just before I thought I was going to SouthFork, she discovered her period. Fux sake. But she MouthForked me down at SouthFork so it wasn't all a waste of time".
by Missy M August 03, 2005

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