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a really great show to watch stoned.
its on practically everday on comedy central at like 930. its about four boys who usually find themselves in crazy situations, and dont really think its a huge deal. there are really random things in the show that are just soooo hilarious.

one of the best episodes i think is chinpokemon or weight gain 4000
cartman: but maaaam i wanjnakjfnskngsgjslkgjamlsfgl
mrs cartman: okay, dont pick ur nose hon

kyle: cartman u r such a fatass that when people walk down the street they say god damn thats a big fat ass
cartman: EHH
some guy: god damn thats a big fat ass
by deenie June 20, 2004
395 107
A show about four boys who live in South Park.It runs on Comedy Central at 9:30 Tuesday,Wendsday,and Thursday,and there are new ones Wendsday.
South Park is the greatest show in the world and if you don't agree you can kiss my ass!
by the one called moose June 20, 2003
158 33
One of the only good TV shows on now. Created by the sexy Trey Parker and his best friend Matt Stone.
That episode of "South Park" last night was excellent.
by Vatfryer March 21, 2003
158 40
best fuckin show that has ever fuckin been on the fuckin tv. ....bitch
^^^^^^ explaines it all.
by mmmeeeggghhhaannnnn July 25, 2004
184 81
the most kick ass show ever created, if you havent bought the first season ond dvd yet this would be your ultimate bible
cartman- god kitty you are such a f*cking dill doe
cartmans mom (the dirty slut)-well then i no a special kitty kitty thats sleeping with mommy tonight
by zzzzaaapppaaa May 08, 2003
154 56
The BEST show ever to air!
Me-Lets watch south park!
Amber-That show is sooo gay!
by cartmaniax September 05, 2005
140 50
The greatest thing ever. Has had a kick ass tv show for 8 years and spawned a fantastic movie.
"I'd rather be a crying little pussy than a faggy goth"-Butters.
South park is great.
by Adrian October 21, 2005
118 31
The next best thing now that Beavis and Butthead are gone (:^). And in the next episode, Kenny dies (again).
Respect mah authoritah!!!
by AYB September 24, 2003
148 63