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Sacramento's south side. Known mostly for it's broad diversity, drugs, and gangs. South Sacramento is where most Sacramento area rappers are based. Also known for it's high homicide rate, which is the highest in the city. South Sacamento is arguably the second most ghetto area of the city, with Oak Park being the first.
I'm from South
by Young Vato December 14, 2005
195 63
The worst part of Sacramento,it has a history of gang violence and shootings ever since crack cocaine was introduced in 1986.The bloods and crips moved into South Sac in the 1980's and they started new gangs.There is also alot of Norteno gangs from South Sac
South Sac is where we smoke that purple
by Nafioso June 03, 2008
87 21
the lower hanging of the two testicles
due to the wieght of his giant balls, billys south sac skims the water when he takes a shit
by jennieeeeeeee June 04, 2006
29 79