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The Sour Cherry Effect is when a man is so into sex with a woman, that even after reaching climax completely, he is left with such an overwhealming desire for her that soon after ejaculation, his penis remains stiff and there is a desire to continue copulation. May occur with the use of erectile dysfunction medications.

The "cherry" referring to the common term of popping a cherry, meaning the woman and/or the man, experience it for the first time. (see Pop a Cherry)

The "sour" refers to a less common usage of the word when it's used as something greater than sweet, or something crazy and out of the ordinary. (see 'Sour')

Synonym: Male Multiple Orgasm
I hooked up with this girl last night, she was so good i got the sour cherry effect, couldnt keep my boner down for hours.

His dad is crazy, he's been taking viagra hoping he would get a sour cherry effect?
by sezdesetdevet October 26, 2011

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