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This phrase can be used as a replacement for "That's what he/she said", or "Sounds like my first time". Used to give a description of something out of the ordinary a sexual innuendo while at the same time making it appear as normal behavior for a Saturday night.
Linda: So yesterday at 11pm less than 12 hours before my kid's science project was due I had to run out to the store for a gallon of vegetable oil, 2 cucumbers, food coloring, a pound of butter, spray cheese, 6 kiwis, and a turkey baster. Came home, and after 4 hours of me doing most of the work, I was covered in a concoction of mystery sludge that would only wash off with a mixture of ammonia and floor soap. After all that, I'm still not finished.
Amy: Sounds like a Saturday night.
by 00Snort00 May 09, 2012