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1.To express one's views vigorously
2.To count cadence when marching in military formation.
I was always sounding off about higher taxes.

Sound off >>1,2,3,4...
by KINGASH October 17, 2010
The phrase used to describe the end of a conversation or to signify that you are going to stop sending or receiving communications. Especially useful when messaging your loved ones and friends that waste a text of yours by texting back "Okay".
James: Matt, that movie was not any good. Watching your grandpa do a jig at your wedding was more entertaining.

Matt: Very funny, all jokes aside I thought the movie was extremely entertaining. I'll be over tomorrow around noon to pick up that c.d. Sound off.
by M@++ February 03, 2010
Soundoff (n) A Rhode-Island based punk band best known for their stage antics (playing pantsless, making balloon animals, dancing with Santa), their ability to connect with fans on a personal level, and a little ditty called 401 Pride.

Pulling a Soundoff (v) Playing pantsless, stalling during songs, forgetting your instruments, and having ferocious amounts of pride for your local scene.
"Dude, what band was it that just pulled up and drove away?"

"That's Soundoff, they probably forgot their instruments again."
by 401pride March 27, 2012
Manufacturer of warning lights.
That Sound Off predator clears traffic like Moses parted the red sea!
by Jag III November 14, 2004

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