some wack ass dude who 12-13 year old myspace girls went crazy over claming he is a "hip hop icon" and "up and coming r****r" (im not even gonna use his name and the R word in the same sentance). 2 years later, hes still garbage, but now even worse than before.
soulja boy: good morning Abraham
Arab: hey pookie bear
soulja boy: ready for round 2?
Arab: you know it
*they proceed to commit homosexual acts*

5 mins later a spider lands on solja boy's chest

Both Homos: Ahhhhhhhhh * running and crying*

soulja boy then faints into Arabs arms
by Clunker December 13, 2009
A troll who tried to murder Death Note with his horrible cover of Near's Theme. He is also a glam-rapper who consistently repeats verse after broken verse. He can be seen ruining classical music, raping the shit out of society, poisoning the very mention of grammar, OR tripping on sour success. Of course, of these things are indeed WELL-KNOWN about this idiot. His fans cannot even begin to comprehend why, which is quite sad.
Person #1: Why do you like Soulja Boy? He's not an artist. He's a

Person #2: hes da coooolet niigga on da planet..all da bitches listening too dis.

Person #1: Um... What?
by misterhandesome June 06, 2010
Some fucking half spic half nigger that thinks he looks like Goku and can smoke weed like Gohan
by the mauve storm January 05, 2011
someone that by targeting the 16-17 year old girl audience has now obtained recognition in the music world. His songs in all reality are fucking horrible. They contain really no story other than him wanting to fuck bitches and rapping about adolescent shit that really has no feelign to it at all. Crank That, one of his songs, has become a huge hit even though it is poorly written and has shitty beats to it. The sad thing is that people liek this are being hailed as superstarts now and the younger listeners no longer respect truly great rappers like tupac, notorious B.I.G., dr. dre, and alot of other really talented people
instead they listen to this shit
and he lives with his mom and dad...i rest my case
girl: "hey lets go to that soulja boy concert tommorow night"
Boy: "ya and maybe tonight you can sleep with a gun in your mouth"
girl: "..."
by The Gibber October 20, 2007
Julian without glasses
-Mikey drops a torta-


-Julian arrives-

by Mikey 2 November 07, 2012
A 16 year old kid who makes garbage rap music but became the scapegoat for everything that is wrong with hiphop.
A. "Soulja Boy is the epitome of all that is wrong with rap."

B. "No, he's just some kid who made kid music. You need to be more concerned that grown ass men, such as your favorite 90s rapper and these new rappers are conforming to make shit that sounds like Soulja Boy."
by CRACKFACE5 April 05, 2010
A highly talented rapper, widely considered to be a musical prodigy.
Soulja Boy was recently nominated for the Nobel peace prize award, along with Barack Obama, Jesus, and the man who invented the lollipop.
by Dr. Christian of Frawza, PHD. April 06, 2010

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