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Rapper who has become famous for using unintelligble and incoherent lyrics, such as wah me. Now used as an insult to those who can not form words correctly.
It is so sad that Bill had his tongue removed, now he sounds like that illiterate rapper Soulja Boi.
by BelligerentF October 19, 2007
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A man without any balls. literaly.
plain and simple.
Shawn: That noob just dropped his suop down that lady's shirt!
Mike: Now the lady kicked him in the balls!
mike: He's...he...he's not doing anything...
by black black pwnermadgigy April 12, 2009
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The reason rhymesayers doesn't become mainstream.
Hey, I was listening to soulja boi and shortly after, found myself at the edge of a bridge, but Atmosphere came on and I felt better and walked home
by teh stuff April 15, 2009
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Horrible, Horrible muscian who i refuse to call a rapper since he does very little rapping in his music. Relies heavily on his choruses. He is all about the auto tune and not about real hip hop.
Soulja Boi is not real hip hop.
by DJ RIDICUOUS July 28, 2009
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a person who makes money by saying shit like Superman that hoe. a lil bitch ass kid who lives in his parents basement. who disgraced america and hip hop with his only hit "Crank Dat'
maaan soulja boi aint nuthin but a lil bitch ass kid
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