Gonna get it soon.

A game that gives you the choice of either Link (Game Cube, Legend of Zelda), Spawn (X-Box, Spawn) or Heihachi (Playstation 2, Tekken) as an additional character, depending on the game console.
Soul Caliber was good, Soul Caliber II shall be great.

Soul Caliber had Yoshimitsu (Tekken) in it.
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 18, 2003
Top Definition
A mispelling of Soul Calibur 2, you retards.
Retard-"I got Soul Caliber 2"
Me-"It's Soul Calibur 2, you dumbass."
by Emennius January 10, 2004
A common mis-spelling of Soul Calibur II.
At first, I thought "Calibur" was spelled with an "E".
by sonicsmash May 05, 2005
One of the best fighting games in existance. The game is weapon based, meaning that characters use fat ass swords and shit. Check it out if you just came out from under your rock.
Man, I just kicked your ass at Soul Caliber II!
by Your Ass September 29, 2003
Amazing fighting game with great graphics, solid storyline (most people are just too lazy to pay attention to it), and kickass characters with kickass moves.
I just bought Soul Calibur II and I can't stop playing it!
by TheBurninator December 14, 2003
I enjoy it. Not the best video game ever.
It's better than most fighting games (a lot more different battle types to do plus weapons to collect - over 200.)
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 28, 2003
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