Sons of Sam Horn - Red Sox fan Forum

very stuck up, don't let anyone join anymore, last time I checked.
teh Sons of Sam horn be vury rood. sumtimes.
by AquaTeenExpert January 29, 2005
same old shit here
nmh u?
by Emily Is My Name Fo Shizzle October 12, 2003
Your social security number.
Hey man, that insurance lady wants to know what your sosh is.
by Joel_W April 11, 2008
A popular short reference to classes in Social Studies.
From 1 to 2, I'm in Sosh class.
by BuzzMega August 18, 2010
Southern Ohio Shit Hole
Fuck the SOSH
by derp August 23, 2003
Two pathetic beings join forces & combine not only their names but their crazy attitude towards life , Sally & Josh;
Low self-esteem yet the ability to believe they are better than everyone else.

They are unattractive, Lazy, Unintelligent & depressing. Not to mention Selfish.

This term just like the people who inspired it have become a joke between a few friends that pathetic moments are Sosh & that screwed up things are also Sosh.

Sosh has pretty much replaced F**k in our vocabularly

Ultimate insult really.
Those two are so Soshed.

How Soshed up is that.

Sosh you, you Soshtard.

Soshing Wanker.

Sosh Off.

Sosh me.

by it is like a circle November 18, 2010

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