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also known as the wisdom cube, he apparently possesses all of the knowledge in the known universe. neven tho he's a complete dumbass.
"this one time, i ate boiled peanuts."
by AquaTeenExpert December 07, 2004
the yellow plutonian from ATHF
"and that is why i said you cannot buy the rollerskates.. hey what happened to the window? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"
by AquaTeenExpert December 07, 2004
Sons of Sam Horn - Red Sox fan Forum


very stuck up, don't let anyone join anymore, last time I checked.
teh Sons of Sam horn be vury rood. sumtimes.
by AquaTeenExpert January 29, 2005
God's gift to the world in the form of three insane food products from the Jersey Shore who like to torture their neighbor, Carl.
i need to put an example here, but i don't want to.
by AquaTeenExpert December 07, 2004

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