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A metal-loving thrashhead from the frozen depths of Norway. Likes virtual buttsex with Baronen or Nabbe, chilling on Spillegal and watching Naruto. Despite the nick, he's not a furry. One of the most badass persons the internet has to offer.
16:59 <SortUlv> Men det var bare en dum kjerring som ikke visste hvorfor gutter var fascinert av pupper
16:59 <SortUlv> Men ærlig talt
16:59 <SortUlv> Det sier seg selv
16:59 <SortUlv> Det er
16:59 <SortUlv> PUPPER
16:59 <SortUlv> Hallo
by zOMGZERGRUSHLOL December 03, 2004
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