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Added to a conversation to ease the impact when you deliberatly do something you know you shouldn't be doing.
Katie "Are you eating my last piece of pizza from the fridge!?"
Joe "Ah yeah... Sorry dude"
by sseanyy January 04, 2010
35 5
started with surfer's being cut off during the race down the face of a wave they both took off on.
Kawiki and Evan both took off on the same wave, "Sorry dude" Evan says to Kawiki as he is cutting down the face

of the wave
by MiaDancer December 10, 2009
5 32
What my dad says when he does something that he really shouldn't have done.
"Who ate a whole container of cottage cheese? I just bought that yesterday!"

"Sorry dude."
by showbizservo August 27, 2009
51 233
A friendly and common greeting in snowboarder language.
Simon: dude, watch where your riding!
Ray: Sorry dude
by Kate Templar July 26, 2005
1531 8257