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The group of 3-4 mean girls who hold a position of power on small Roller Derby Leagues. These ladies were the freaks and geeks on high school who never fit in with the cool kids and may have been taunted by the pretty people. Now, finally, they are the cool kids who torture the new crop of Derby Girl wannabees, freaks and geeks-who in turn become their evil minions. They'll do anything for an XO from these evil sirens. Luckily, the power works only inside the confines of Neighborhood Roller Derby (small leagues that are afraid to step outside their Roller Rink). Nothing can stop them, except clean Derby Karma!
I'd give my right front quad skate nut to find a Sororiderby free Women's Roller Derby League!

"Drink the kool-aid and do what we say are we might let you get us some water one day, Fresh Meat!" said the Sororiderby High Priestess to her hypnotized minions
by F.U.B.A.R.bie #32flv September 29, 2011
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