1. sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality
2. excitingly appealing; glamorous
1. check out the professor's sopp new ferari.
2. tyra banks is so sopp.
by Livia Applebee December 23, 2006
Sudden Onset Poop/Pee Syndrome

An extreme disorder common among athletes. Also, being in a crowded place makes it more likely.

Occurs when the victim finds himself or herself thinking about using a toilet soon, but for some reason is forced to be delayed from using it. The result is that the sensation of having to poop/pee becomes unbearable worse than before.
The swimmer got out of the pool to go piss during the workout and got a severe case of SOPPS when he realized that he couldn't untie his suit to go.

When waiting in line for a urinal in the bathroom during the seventh inning stretch, I got SOPPS.
by l'hippocampe January 20, 2011
To use soap to clean non-living items.
Who the hell sopps a wall?
by FlutterShades October 03, 2014

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