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A super-hot chic who always gets an A on her paper. Sophies' might first appear to be shy and soft-spoken, but after you get to know them they never shut up. Just make sure to avoid them when they are on sugar rushes. They are also incredibly cool, and always in style.
Person: "Who's that hot new girl? She's such a Sophie."
by Kendall Taylor February 14, 2013
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A Sophie is an all around wonderful person. They are so beautiful that even Ariana Grande and Cleopatra are green with envy of her beauty. If you ever get the chance to encounter or interact with a Sophie, it is an obvious blessing from God himself. Sophies are EXTREMELY intelligent, and can even spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Sophies have major skill in all subjects. They are also AMAZINGLY talented actress' and are too pretty to be a model, because the camera would faint at the sight of her glowing complexion. Guys drool all over them, and they are bowing down to her at her feet all day. Her teeth are whiter than Tyler Oakley, and her eyes are as sparkly as Kim Kardashian. Her beautiful jawline could slice the throats of her enemies, however she has none because she is so nice that everyone loves her. Think I'm lying? These are words of wisdom, written by God behind this keyboard. Overall, a Sophie is simply and well-rounded, beautiful, talented, caring, and generous person.
"Sophie winked at me, Jesus has answered my prayers!"
by chicken bruh November 05, 2014
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The most beautiful girl to exist in the world ever. She is skinny but has a fat heart. She is loved and cared for by so many people and no one could ever say a bad thing towards her because there is not one single flaw about that girl. She is utter perfection. She has puns that will make you cry and her laugh could make you forget anything negative in your life. She is utterly wonderful in every way possible and someone should have someone like Sophie in their life.
What is your ideal girl?
A Sophie
by kobra kid October 21, 2013
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A beautiful girl, amazing, pretty, has the best sense of humour and great to be around. She's smart-a brainy babe but always knows how to have fun and easy to share a joke with. She's always there when you need her and has an amazing fashion sense, shes fab at everything she does. i love her sososo much bestfriend. <3
Everyone needs a Sophie in their lives, she is a m a z i n g!
by pretty.ballerina<3 February 12, 2012
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The most perfect girl in the world. Created by God.FUNNIEST person you will ever meet. Always has the best intentions. The most beautiful girl to walk the earth. A person who makes other girls cry into their pillows cause they aren't her. Coolest person you will ever meet. The Most random person in the world. Most beautiful person to roam the planet. Guys are jealous when they know someone who has a girlfriend named Sophie. Everything about Sophie makes a person smile. Normally brunette and always the life of a party. The party doesnt start till sophie arrives.
Boy 1: look at that girl
Boy 2: Wow must be a sophie
Boy 1: I want to marry a sophie when im older
by The lad February 03, 2013
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Sophie, from the greek word meaning Wisdom. live&soul of the partaaaaay! tends to get stressed rather quick. knows how to respect and love close ones. rather strange...random sayings and actions. has a big heart. trys very hard at things but when confronted upon a mammonth task, gets bored and gives up! a sophie can make you laugh whenever..... if you have a sophie in your life, count yourself goddamn lucky ok? :)
Everyone needs a Sophie in their life!....-how much does your sophie mean to you.? text her. inbox her how much you love her!
by NovackD.S July 04, 2011
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A great, loyal friend; someone who gives all of themselves in any relationship, honest, faithful, pure in heart, true to one's self. Brilliant girl who knows what she's talking about and thinks before she speaks. She's gorgeous and usually has brown hair. Many people call her a goddess because of her perfect body. She's her own unique individual, and is supper modest when it comes to pretty much anything. She is also hilarious and has tons of inside jokes. Her favorite animal is a koala, but she also loves giraffes. She's everything any guy could ever dream of, simply one of gods angels.
Girl 1: *Gets strait A's, solves a school problem, and volunteers at homeless shelter.

Girl 2: Wow, being a Sophie I see ;)
by asdfghjkl <3 November 06, 2012
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