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Term referring to persons of African descent. Typified by their foul body odour, baggy trousers, miniscule IQ, allergy to work and propensity to commit mindless criminal acts, Soot-sacks can be found in most low-cost housing estates.

Collective noun, a crime of soot-sacks

As soot-sacks lack the brain-power to keep their primitive animal urges in check, they are a serious rape-risk.

Another possible reason as to why soot-sacks always have sex on the brain, is that they have pubic hair on their heads!

Soot-sacks sweat profusely as they suffer from the condition coondensation
Some bastard has stolen the wheels off my car! I knew I shouldn't have left it parked here, I saw a crime of soot-sacks hanging around earlier
by MrBrownstoneballs August 24, 2010
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