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usually said in a high pitched voice.
Soooz can also be spelled in many ways including SOOOOOOOOZ SUUUUZ SOZ SOOZ SUUZ SUZ and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZ.

Used as either an insultive, comedic, or sarcastic apology to a person.

Can be used in conjunction with the phrase "forgot you..." for maximum effect - see examples
- Guy in wheelchair cruises past...
"SOOOZ wheelchair"

- "i can play every instrument"
"SOOOOOOOZ forgot you liked musics"

- "I'm gonna bang you all"
"SOOOOOOOZ forgot you woz a chav"

- "Bispham boys play with guns not toys"
"soooooooz bispham boys"
by Red Xiii March 25, 2008
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