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Sorry about my nephew Sebastian's definition of "Sookermany", but in fact it is a name that was given to a man. If broken into three parts e.g. "Sooker", "man", & "y", it truly transalate thus: Sooker = Sugar, Man = man and y = yes. In modern terms, it really means Sugarmanyes. Ah tellin' yuh, we sweet too bad !!!
Look at me !!
by Mackie Sookermany in Trinidad April 22, 2004
Just for the record the first posting of the "Sookermany" definition was done as a prank by a work colleague of mine,Gary Lestrade. It was his unoriginal way of trying to get me back for posting his surname on here 3 days earlier. My uncle Mackie`s definition is the correct one. Although I would also totally agree with Greg's take on the definition. Sookermany`s are well travelled,educated,athletic,genetically great looking,successful people. Hang on, did I forget modest......They are indeed "sugarmanyes". And therefore constantly enjoy that sweet smell of success!
To be a success in every aspect of your life, would be defined as being "Sookermany" like.
The Sookermany men are very Athletic and out going with a great Temper (If pushed too far)... The women are smart and Sweet. This name carries a lot of talented people.... Everyone who carries this name in the World are some what related...BLOOD related. Every Sookermany ends up with great Success....
Representing the Sookermany's of Canada!!!!!

by Gregory Sookermany December 11, 2004
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