Abbreviated form of 'Straight Out of Shower' used only in Social Networking e.g. Myspace, Facebook & Twitter; Text Messaging & online conversation e.g. MSN.
Samantha: where were you, I was about to tell you what happen at school today while you went on your art trip, anyway why is you hair wet.

Jake Anthony: SOOS.

Samantha: what?

Jake Anthony: Straight Out of Shower.

Samantha: ohhhh.
by In My Own World... December 29, 2009
Please also see: Shut up
Can you soos now? GOD!
by Mazdak August 03, 2007
An excessive form of so. Much like the word too is used to show excessiveness.
He is soo handsome!
by catcee October 03, 2013
"Soo" many is more manageable than "too" many, but uses the same supposition that more 'o's emphasises something.
Add more 'o's as necessary
I've drunk soo much beer I'm prone to exaggeration.
I'm soo drunk
by NZNIX October 07, 2011
A reference to the number 5005. Spawned many high-school clubs in Canada and has a fan site at

Generally used to replace words in sentances
Soos you neeb! I totally soosed your sister last night right on your soos!
by Yoishcoaster March 05, 2004
The Word "so" with an extra 'o' so you extend the vowel pronunciation for an extended period of time.
I love your shoes soo much!
by Cindy Sharpee March 05, 2006
to have fat cheeks
When she smiles, she does a Soo and looks like a chipmunk.
by soccuh101 January 15, 2011

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