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A sentence composed of song titles or lyrics in a random order; a tribute to an album, artist or event.
1. Don't Be Cruel to a Hound Dog all I'm asking is Love Me Tender and I could give you A Big Hunk o' Love and It's Now or Never to say, A Fool Such as I, Can't Help Falling in Love with you.

Elvis Presley Songtence!

2. Michelle: Hey Jude! We should Come Together and see Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, I heard you had A Hard Day's Night.

Jude: Let It Be. I'll get by With a Little Help From My Friends.

Michelle: But I Want To Hold Your Hand!

Jude: I'm A Loser though.

Michelle: No you're not! Obla-Di-Obla-Da! Life goes on!

Jude: I have to tell you something. Do You Wanna Know A Secret?

Michelle: Please Please Me.

Jude: I'm In Love.

Michelle: Oh! Darling I don't know what to say/

Jude: No, not with you... with Lovely Rita... and I had a little crush on her best friend, Julia. Then theres Sexy Sadie...

Michelle: Because?

Jude: Because... well, Being For The Benifit of Mr. Kite of course!

Michelle: I Need You...

Jude: I'm Happy Just To Dance With You, if you'll accept that. Hold on though, I'll Be Back, just gotta Drive My Car to Penny Lane.

Beatles Songtences :)
by irhelandcarla April 24, 2011
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