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When you're singing a song in chorus and your teacher stops just before the most exciting part of the song.
Or, when your favorite song comes on the radio and the radio either a) cuts out, b) is turned off, or c) it's a song montage.
Mr. A. stopped the chorus to fix the bass note just as were getting to the best part of our song, effectively song-blocking us.
My favorite song was just on, but the radio cut into static and song-blocked me!
by Chariline September 29, 2010
Similar to being "cock blocked", only with a song. This happens when your favorite station on the radio starts to play your favorite song and you get really excited, only to realize it was only part of one of those "montages" with several other popular songs. You then proceed to swear at your radio for song blocking you.
I got so excited when Rush started coming on the radio but it was only part of one of those stupid song montages. I totally got song blocked.
by mr.iowa August 20, 2010

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