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Being caught up in a perpetual motion game. Society is all about ‘somethingness’ - and making more and more of it. And since The Grand Machine of Perpetual Somethingness is designed, built and operated that way, there’s very little room for anything less than a whole lot of something.

Basically a big mudpie - with billions of people swarming all over it. And what with all the piling on, it can get messy, competitive and deadly in there. People become worn out by the struggle - unless they’re very rich. But the rich become worn out too, protecting their money. So in the end, there are a lot of worn out ants.
Somethingness is a philosophy that is similar to an widespread infection, but no one admits to having it. It is the opposite of Nothingness. It's like this: whenever you are doing something in your life, anything really, make sure you have some Nothingness sprinkled in - you know, to kind of offset all the I'm-really-Somethingness going on in the world.
by SeekWa July 04, 2013
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