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A person who in any situation, no matter what one says, does, thinks, expresses or acts upon comes off (extremely) sexual. Like turrets syndrome the person will inexplicably throw out innuendos relating to oral fixation, penetration, appearance, etc etc.

every group of friends should have one...

they are usually the sexually frustrated or obvious (in some cases secret) nympho, who wants to get some or doesn't get enough and gets off on verbally expressing themselves.

a vast majority of artist can be categorized as such by their body of work.

sister to TWSS
"stop being so somehowsexual"

"this somehowsexual told me how he wants to skullfucked this chick till she pucks!"

"dont comment on that video, you alway say someing somehowsexual"

by okrasm November 04, 2010
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