Noun - One who doesn't grasp the team concept of adventuring in MMORPG's

Verb - Also used to describe leaving combat to loot/mine/take care of RL situations
Noun - I can't believe that paladin got the party killed, what a soltar.

Verb - I am sure you really needed that Thorium vein but, please don't soltar during combat again.
by mczeke May 11, 2005
Top Definition
Soltar is a phrase used to protect those who sneeze from acute cardiac arrest.

2nd definition - Alternative to bless you. With no religious connotation.
Old woman #1 <Sneeze>
Old woman #2 Soltar.
Old woman #1 Why thank you martha.
Old woman #2 Oh no problem betsy.
by kinamur March 08, 2009
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