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A square sub woofer made by the company Kicker. This sub woofer is a one way component speaker that produce only one frecuency, which is a low frecuency bass. Since the introduction of the first Solo-Baric™ in 1992, the rest of the car audio world has been playing catch-up trying to develop drivers to match the Solo-Baric's amazing bass performance in small enclosures...Nobody's come close!
The Solo-Baric has one of the most massive moving structures in speaker design history, yet it still has the ultralow distortion and lightning-fast transient response essential for critical bass reproduction.
by poontang12 March 18, 2005
Bad ass subwoofer made by Kicker
My Solo Baric Subs are pushing 900 watts RMS BABY!
by Jon M. S. June 16, 2003
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