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A beautiful young spirit, who expresses herself through her big smile, and open heart. She shows her love big looking at you with her big eyes, and smiling every time you are around. She is trust worthy, and lovable. If you open yourself to her, she will love you forever, and open herself to you. Soline never judges on first impression, and forgives easily. Usually a golden blonde, coming from the color of sun, she is cheerful and happy. If you get to know a Soline, be sure to make her laugh and make her feel wanted.
"Look at her blonde golden hair, it so Soline."
by lilydoobidoo January 27, 2013
The fucking best person you will every meet in your life. You might not see it yet, but she will become the sexiest beast alive. Fuck her, and you shall remember it for the rest of your life, in a very good way.
"I hope i fuck a Soline tonight!"

"Damn! You are almost as hot as Soline, but i did say almost."
by lilydoobidoo January 27, 2013

The word 'Soline' is to be used when someone quotes a line from a song. Much like innuendo, when someone says a line from a well known song people can say 'Soline' to sound clever and on the ball.
'are you gunna bang doe'

'anddd iiiiiiiiii willll alwaysssss loveeee youuuuuuuuuuuuu'

'some people think im bonkers'

'take a holidayyy'

then use the word 'Soline', so like say 'ahahaha what a soline! moment' ect.
by Kyle Chadwicke April 19, 2010
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