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A frumpy and repressive style of generally female garb influenced by former Soviet block and Middle Eastern countries, coupled with urban thrift store. A play on the word “olive drab.”
The dour appearance of female professional protesters/activists and those who embrace random trendy and ridiculous causes. A variation is “Solidarity Drag”, which pertains to the mimic in dress of those who are present at aforementioned causes only to date a participant.

A Goodwill shopper who isn't into cosplay.

The garb usually consists of: Head scarves, which always say oppression, no matter what. Black drapes. A randomly colorful and ugly accessory, such as fingerless gloves or a shawl, preferably both. Something obnoxiously political. Wool and canvas. More black.

A simile would be: "A depressingly colorful row of townhouses.”

An analogy would be: My girlfriend became an activist, now she looks like she's homeless.

Usage: A handful of activists in solidarity drab made an beleaguered attempt at civil disobedience.
by Pug Pug McPug November 18, 2013
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