a badass military soldier who can take down a tank using only grenades.
"hey snake,how did you take down that tank?"

"uh...with grenades."

"holy crap! snake you're the...the shit,man!"

solid snake totally pwns sam fisher. nuff said.
by idbfgd January 05, 2010
The man who faces his daily challenges (such as a Hind D or a Tank) with a pistol. Famous for using a cardboard as a shield against tranquilizer guns and luring his enemies by placing the Japanese version of Playboy at random places.
GENOM-SOLDIER: "Huh? What was that noise?"
Solid Snake: *CQC*


by SorrowMantis July 16, 2011
SolidSnake is the perfection of gaming


Ownage, one of the greatest compliment in english.
Your a SolidSnake,
means: You are so good

OMG Your SolidSnaking
means: Your Owning !

You SolidSnake !
means: You Own !
by OmegaES June 08, 2003
When you're about to infiltrate a girl and you're hard as a rock.
Solid Snake: "I'm going in dry!"
by Dark Night Enforcer January 28, 2015
A video game character who stars in Metal Gear Solid or a name for an erected penis.
Guy 1: What'cha doing?
Guy 2: Playing Metal Gear Solid with my Solid Snake out.
by Bl4ckJáck December 19, 2010
Get a blowjob from a girl outside of her parents house in the deadzone between sensor light
1: Dude, I just got a Solid Snake from my GF
2: Nice!
by Fowly January 04, 2015
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