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A petite girl whose lack of height is only matched by her brain. She has pretty big eyes and doesn't take sexist jokes very well. You do NOT wanna get into an argument over feminism with this chick.
Dude 1: Man, I was just messing around in lunch when i made that 19th amendment joke, but sheesh, she took it so personal.

Dude 2: It's cool she's just a Soledad.
#sol #solo #dad #girl #shorty
by UnCoolBro September 23, 2010
A girl who is mainly chill with a hipster attitude/ and or appearance, but in denial about the fact that she may be a hipster. She loves people and is very social. She is an activist and believes strongly in human rights.
Hey I said Hi to that girl and she gave me a high five.
Yeah she's a soledad.
#chill #hipster #bohemean #activist #feminist
by emberyellow December 31, 2012
A town located in South County, about 25 miles North of Salinas. Very boring. Bomb ass shows. Can be considered a very dramatic town.
"Hey dude, did you see Morias last show in SOLEDAD?"


"Soledad, what?"
#boring #shows #sammassacre #drama #lizzy911
by SamMassacre =] July 17, 2008
mexican chonga
if you dont know that youtube it and wach chongalicious
wow shes such a soledad
#fat #slut #annoying #mexican! #ugly
by hotgurl6119 June 09, 2009
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