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While at the club, you scope out the absolute completely hammered, shit faced, fall down drunk chick in the whole place. One that is so wasted her possy has abandoned her and she can barely stand or mumble her name. You approach and strike up a conversation. You mention she has lost her friends and offer to try to find them, knowing it will be unsuccessful. You then offer to get her back to her place safely. If you cant find her place you take her to your palce. She immediately passes out on the bed. When she wakes up the next morning, checks her girl parts, realizes she has not been violated. She is so greatful she found a good guy that helped her out, she proceeds to fuck your brains out.
"Hey look at Scott! He's pulling a classic Sokolow Maneuver on dat bitch!"

He Soked dat bitch!

" Hey Amber, What happened to you at the club last night?" Amber: "Im not quite sure but I did end up getting Sokolowed"
by Squid222 March 26, 2014
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