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An Indian manboy complete with luscious eye lashes and majestic abs, and a false sense of ability to be the best at math, due to being Asian. Sohan is also a place in India, which would make sense, because everyone flocks to Sohan in search of a giant monster.
Girl #1: Man, look at that boy over there, he's quite a sohan.

Girl #2: Wow, I can't wait until I can get him to unleash the beast.
#sohan #indian #name #monster #beast #eyelashes #abs
by SoffDaGoff September 09, 2014
A cute, athletic, sensitive, smart, shy, funny guy that has the cutest smile. He's a chick magnet, but there's only one girl for him and he's too shy to talk to her...
Friend: Go talk to him! You both like each other!
Girl: Im nervous! He's a sohan, so shy...
#shy #sensitive #funny #boyfriend material #athletic
by I Love You!!! <3 June 02, 2012
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