Not being able to get a erection.
That chick is such a bitch she gave me a "softoff".
by Crankman November 07, 2006
Top Definition
The complete opposite of a hard on. It wasn't coined by that other douche bag. It was on "I hope they serve beer in hell". Anyway. It's when ur dick is 6900 percent flaccid.
That bitch is so ugly that I got a soft off when she walked in to this titty bar.
by middy69 August 13, 2010
Not a hard on. When a dick can not get enough blood flow to make sex or handys fun.
"I did too much coke to have sex. I had a soft off the whole time."

"When she took everything off I sported a soft off"
by trickdaddyskeet January 25, 2012
the total opposite of a hard on. Hence soft off, with soft being the opposite of hard and off being the opposite of on. lol. A term coined by urs truly. Used to describe the condition of a dick when seeing something totally unatural and FUCKING DISGUSTING.
WOW EMILY'S ASS IS SOOO FUCKING WAK!!! it's like a big block of textureless shit. If i saw her naked, i wud definately get a soft off.
by M & V Unit January 02, 2005
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