An ancient Greek sophist who claimed to be a philosopher. It is often overlooked by the general homophobic public that Socrates' dialogs were often erotic in nature. Socrates was in general an asshole.

Pretentious first year university student:

Have you heard of the genius that is Socrates?

Normal person:

You mean that guy who liked to have butt sex while asking too many questions?
by Hollywood Halk September 16, 2008
The noblest and the wisest and most just.
Socrates, I still wait for a philosopher king.
by Cagon September 08, 2005
An ancient Greek philosopher, founder of the socratic method.
Socrates is pronounced "so-CRA-tease" not "SOCK-ruh-tis". Most people don't realise this and don't care to.
by Cesco November 26, 2006
A wise guy who liked to talk and chill with his homey g's
Socrates:Wut up dog
Guy:Nuttin much just chillin with my homeys and my ho's drinking a 40.
Socrates:So you smart?
by Erik Urdiales October 24, 2006
pronounced soCRAtez, this drink is a combination of a screwdriver with natural light.

John 3:17- and God came unto the orange grove and said unto the people "make this into juice and combine it with the cheapest of vodkas". the people rejoiced.

Socrates, the famous philosopher in one of his little known works "where God could use a little help" demonstrated the logic of adding natural light to screwdrivers.

1. orange juice and vodka are great.
2. natural light is great.
3. if you add one great thing to another you get something fantastic.
4. it therefore follows that adding natural light to orange juice and vodka will be fantastic.
when hottubbing socrates are the best.
by Travis April 16, 2006

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