When a man strips naked, places a sock over his cock and balls and walks around in the presence of others. Usually performed at parties by intoxicated individuals for shock value and laughs. Individuals performing "Sock Man" frequently have their clothes stolen while in the act, or are forcefully removed from the party into the street.
Did you see Sock Man at the party last night? We stole his clothes, threw him out in the street and locked the door. We found him alseep in the alley this morning under a welcome mat.
by DarkRob2000 April 05, 2006
Top Definition
one who is in-tune with nature, a earthen warrior that fights all who oppose him, the top ten most bad-ass mother fuckers you've ever meet. A Sockman has no morals and will kill anyone who annoys him, he is represented by the color green and only answers to higher powers or people of equal strength, usually his friends.
(Bill) Did you see Sockman?

(Ted): Yeah, that dude nearly killed me!

(Bill): I know, he's like God or something!
by Sockman January 15, 2009
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