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The act of poking a person in the eye (socket) with one's penis.
Zach: We should totally chalk for fraternity rush.
Paul: Dude, shut up with your terrible ideas or i'll socket rocket you!!!
#socket #rocket #poke #eye sex #pirate's eye
by littlenis May 01, 2009
The fetish in when an individual has the urge to stick there penis in an electrical socket for pleaser
Dammit!!! The power is out! The only way I can socket rocket is to go to my grandmother's house who still had power
#fetish #weird #fag #rocket #pleasure #penis
by meowsierz777 February 13, 2015
the act of placing the pierced head of ones penis into a electic outlet creating a shock that blows you back creating the blast off
bob stuck his prince albert into the power outlet and was thrown back to the wall yelling SOCKET ROCKET
#eletrocution #prince albert #socket #rockets #penis
by gnome_hatter July 02, 2012
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